Top Five Big Data Tips for December, and 2017

This week we're back to our regularly scheduled program!

We took a fun detour last week, interrupting our Top Ten Data Tips countdown to talk about (of all things) fishing. Fishing where the fish are, that is, using Vivino consumer data to illustrate consumer interest about Frescobaldi wines.

We hope you'll take a few moments to read that post if you haven't already, because it illustrates the potential of big data to generate insights about wine consumer sentiment and behavior.

The "fish where the fish are" example leads right into this week's post, the final Enolytics 101 entry of 2017, where we look at the Top Five ways that wine companies are using data during the biggest sales quarter of the year and, in addition, how they'll use it in the year to come.

Let's recap, from the top:

10. Packaging and Canned Wine

9. Other Than Standard, or OTS

8. Reactive Analysis vs Prescriptive Analytics

7. DTC / Customer Types

6. Wine Cocktails

And finally, here are five additional topics that we already know will be occupying a fair amount of our time in 2017:

5. Geographical hotspots of consumer behavior around particular features, such as green credentials.

4. Seasonal variations of consumer interest and behavior around those same features.

3. Q4 drivers of consumer behavior aside from gift packs and sparkling wine.

2. How data can empower brands to depend less on distributors.

1. Mining the data a company already has, and overlaying it with external or third party consumer data, in order to identify new customers.


The eight months since Enolytics launched have generated some of the most stimulating, energetic, and thought-provoking moments of my life. I am grateful for the feedback loop that you've helped us create. It's what enables us to adjust and respond to your questions and ideas and that, for us, is our lifeblood.

Thank you, as always, for reading, and please accept our very best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2017.