Wine Data Sources Coming Out of the WOODWORK...

Data sources are coming out of the WOODWORK...!

It's something I never thought I'd say, much less write, as someone who flatters herself into thinking she's up-to-date on what's current and happening in the wine/technology space.

But there they are -- data sources I never even knew, who have been raising their hands these past few weeks to offer to participate in Enolytics' data model.

Some of those sources are incredibly valuable, both in terms of the depth of their records and in terms of the relevancy of their information to the specific questions that clients are asking. With other sources the value may not be as obviously clear, but our awareness of them is critical for hyper-targeted inquiries and projects.

What about you? Do you think you might be sitting on valuable data? Are you ready to visualize it in order to help improve your business' bottom line? Are you looking to monetize the data you already have?

Let's have a conversation about it. Because at this early stage of a tech startup, adaptability is the name of the game.

Enolytics' core idea is to piece together the puzzle of wine consumer behavior and sentiment, where every data source is a piece of the puzzle. The more sources we have, the more complete and accurate the puzzle can be. Being adaptable means testing the right data sources in order to best answer our clients' questions and, at the same time, learning from clients about how they can best benefit from the data.

It's a two-way street and the traffic, so to speak, is flowing in both directions at the same time.

It's very symbiotic, and very dynamic.

Ready to join the flow?

Feel free to drop me a line anytime (cathy at enolytics dot com or +1.702.528.3717). I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you for being interested --