Wine Startup 101. Or, Lessons We've Learned, Three Months In.

A few months ago we launched Enolytics, a new big data company for the wine industry.

The launch garnered a lot of attention and questions and curiosity, and we were humbled by the enthusiasm about the simple idea of bringing together different sources of data about wine consumer behavior.

Clearly, there is a hunger for the insights and the business intelligence that are the harvest of this simple but collaborative and innovative idea.

We have been posting weekly updates about our progress, and the current topic occupying attention around our office, over at Enolytics 101.

Today our focus is on getting you up to date and answering the question: what's been happening with Enolytics since the launch?

The answer, just like the idea, is simple.

We have been listening.

And we have been learning.

We have been listening very (very) carefully to what the industry wants to know. To your questions about what big data means to YOU. To the truth that, though you're aware that data matters, you are maybe not quite sure what to do with all of it in your everyday professional lives. We have learned about the role that education will play in our plans.

We have also been writing, we have been collaborating with partners, and we have been fielding inquiries about participating in trade and cultural conferences to explain what exactly Enolytics means for our industry.

We have, for example, heard about how you'd like data to help you get your own job done better, faster, and more effectively. Read more in this top-performing post: What Data Means to ME.

We have, as other examples, looked more closely at two summertime holidays, and derived some unexpected insights -- and a very cool Sankey diagram -- about the key moments of consumer engagement around Father's Day and the wine that the data itself proves is HOT on the Fourth of July. (Hint: It is not what you expected.)

We'll also be adding to the dialogue of where the wine industry is heading in terms of data, as guest speakers at a number of events including the Wine Industry Financial Symposium in September, the Harvest Summit in November, and USBevX in Feburary.

Will you be there? Let me know, and please join me in the conversation!

We hope most of all that you will let us know what you think, what your questions are, and how we might be of assistance. Your concerns are unique, and our responses are uniquely crafted to address them.

Thank you for being interested --