25% of Wine Consumer Data Records Come from Here...


It's on all of our minds.

The end-of-year hustle, that is. Whether you're juggling sales or DTC shipments or communications schedules, somehow the busy-ness of Q4 is... special.

That's true for the consumers you're serving too.

No months are busier for consumer interest than December and January when it comes to the consumer records we analyze from our data partners.

Those two months alone count for almost 25% of the activity all year long.

We adapt our studies to rolling 12-month analyses in order to even out the statistical impact of this seasonal spike. Even so, it's clear that homing in on consumer behavior and sentiment over these last two months of the year can yield significant -- and fascinating -- insights about the people who buy your wine.

Just as we can segment a study by time period, we can also segment it by a variety of other factors that are significant to you, such as target markets, price point, and style. We can also query the data historically, going back a certain number of years, in order to study longer-term trends.

It's a dynamic tool, whose usefulness you determine according to your priorities and goals.

We can help you with it. I'd love to hear what's on your mind, for this year or next.

Thank you, as always, for reading --