Three Factors that Tip the Scale from Skepticism to YES

I was warned when we launched Enolytics that I’d have a hard time convincing wineries and brands to buy into our services.

That has been true to a certain extent. In some conversations we’ve encountered skepticism, misunderstanding, and a lack of willingness to invest in the value that data insights can offer.

Fair enough. We’re trying to do something different here, and we realize that for many people there’s a healthy amount of demonstrating proof of concept that needs to happen first. I get it, and my dance card, so to speak, is gratefully filling with such conversations. We’re up to the challenge.

This week, as I’ve traveled in northern Italy, I am deeply inspired by the people and the companies who are ready to shift into gear, give us and our data partners the green light, and GO.

It’s got me to thinking –

What differentiates one group from another?

Here are three factors that I’ve noticed about the people and the companies who are shifting to GO.

  1. A heightened awareness of what they don’t know, especially about consumer behavior around their brand.
  2. Buy in at the leadership level. We see the influence that individuals at a company can exert – in some cases it’s that one person who gets it. But decisions are made, and contracts are signed, by the people at the wheel.
  3. A healthy respect for the power that digital technology brings to the wine industry. No one is saying it’s flawless or omniscient, but there is a keen appreciation for the ability of data to tell them things they didn’t know before.

Do you see yourself in this list? In one or two, or maybe all three?

I'd be glad to hear. Give me a call (+1.702.528.3717) or drop me a line ( anytime.

Thank you as always for reading --