How to Visualize Your Brand's Share of Consumer Interest Over Time


First, thanks.

Thank you for your very positive feedback to last week’s post about how to visualize wine consumer data. Yes, we agree that it helps to see practical examples of this work, in order to envision how you could apply it to your own winery, brand, or organization.

It seemed to turn on some lightbulbs. So let’s keep going.

This week we’d like to show you how your brand’s share of consumer interest can be measured over time.

The picture above is another screenshot from an interactive dashboard we built for a client, who wanted to benchmark their position in the market in the eyes of consumers.

They wanted to know where they stand now – a baseline, so to speak – so that they can measure improvement moving forward.

So we did, using hundreds of thousands of data records about their brand and their competitors who have similar styles and price points.

We showed them what the data says about their performance now, and then we zoomed out a bit and showed them what the data also says about how their performance has evolved over time.

The picture above is an illustration of consumer interest in their brand over the past four years. It told our client several things. On the plus side, for example, there was a big jump in share of interest between 2014 and 2015. Which is great. It’s up again for the past two years, but seems to have plateaued. Which is not so great.

Just like last week’s picture, this illustration is another slice of a larger, comprehensive analysis. Last week we looked at brand performance geographically. This week it’s brand performance over time. Next week we could put the two together, and look at brand performance in specific markets for the past three years.

And etc.

The point is that we’re adding the “outside” consumer perspective to the client’s own internal knowledge of their sales and distribution.

It adds up to that benchmark they’re after, so that they can see the way forward and up.

Does that make sense?

If not, please let me know. We want to clarify.

If you’d like to know more about how we can do this work for you, please be in touch.

Thank you.