“Death by Reports,” and Three Ways that the Wine Industry Can Do Better


“Death by reports.”

That’s a phrase I found myself typing this week, in an email to a potential partner about a different way to communicate data-based information in the wine industry.

As you know, reports are everywhere in our industry. They CAN be useful but only, as I wrote about data itself a few weeks ago, if they’re consumed and put to use in an effective way.

That isn’t happening in wine, by and large. The problem isn’t the quantity of reports. It’s in how they’re put together, and how they’re put to use.

So, how can we do this differently, more effectively, and just better overall?

Here are three specific problems with reports, and the data-based alternative solutions that we build at Enolytics.

  1. Reports are two-dimensional and static. An alternative is a solution that’s dynamic and responsive, depending on what exactly you need to know and when you need to know it.

  2. Reports are cumbersome to generate. Think about how much time you or someone on your staff needs to spend generating reports when a fresh question needs to be answered. An alternative is for the data to be loaded once, and “sliced and diced” dynamically with a few clicks in a few seconds’ time.

  3. Reports are expensive. An alternative solution is automation. Your raw data can be automatically uploaded – daily, say, or monthly or however often you need it. The visualization of it refreshes with each new upload.

We can help with each of these three alternatives to “death by reports.” It’s like outsourcing your data needs, the way that some businesses outsource HR or public relations. Data should breathe life into your wine business, not strangle it by depleting your resources of time and money.

I’ll be writing more about automation in the coming months, because it plays such a pivotal role in making data cost-effective to consume and put to use. It’s also one of our team’s core competencies, along with data visualization and analysis.

Please stay tuned for that and, in the meantime, if you think your business could do a better job at generating reports or interpreting results, give me a call (+1.702.528.3717) or send an email to cathy@enolytics.com. I’d love to talk about it.

Thank you, as always, for reading –