Two Free Opportunities for You, in Wine + Data


This week I’d like to share two opportunities with you, and I hope very much that you’ll join in.

Opportunity One: Highlight Your Wines and Your Work in Data

Earlier this summer Enolytics was invited to present our work, and lead a wine tasting, at the kick-off dinner the night before the Chief Data Officer (CDO) Executive Summit in Atlanta. (An Enolytics 101 post, back in June, described the experience.) Word of the program got around, and we’re now scheduled to present at another CDO Executive Summit, this time in San Francisco on December 10.

It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity. Talking about wine + data to CDOs in Atlanta is one thing; talking about it to CDOs in San Francisco is something else. This link gives you an idea of who will be in the room.

The San Francisco program is where you come in. Rather than Enolytics leading the wine tasting portion, we’d like to extend an invitation to wineries who are using data in interesting ways. During our part of the presentation, we’ll highlight the work of each winery that’s there, and then program attendees will move to a walk-around portion where wineries will pour your wines and speak to a graphic that illustrates how you’re currently using data in your business.

Your part? Bringing the wine and talking about how you use data.

Our part? Highlighting your work and welcoming you to the tasting.

The Summit attendees’ part? Expanding their perspective on what’s possible with data, in a category they don’t often consider.

Interested? I hope so. Please let us know here.

Sidebar: Is your business in another segment of bev alcohol, like spirits or beer? Please let us know that too, as it’s a growing area of interest. What we’re doing in wine is transferrable to what’s possible in spirits and beer.

Opportunity Two: Weighing in on POS and DTC

Wine Business Monthly dedicated much of their August 2019 issue to technology, including next-gen POS and DTC software and increased investment in ecommerce. To quote Cyril Penn’s Letter from the Editor at the front of the magazine:

"A little over a year ago, I attended a marketing conference where wine marketing and technology executives exchanges ideas. There were roughly 150 industry professionals in attendance, most of them were folks working in wine marketing or sales. During a discussion about e-commerce, a speaker asked for a show of hands to indicate how many people were 'happy' with their point-of-sale (POS) system. Nobody in the room raised their hand."

I read that and cringed, knowing how important this is to the wine industry. Why is it such a pain point? We’d like to understand it better, from your point of view. Even if you don’t want to collaborate actively, we’d appreciate hearing your feedback.

Interested? I hope so. Please let us know here.

I look forward as always to your thoughts and, this week in particular, to your input in response –

Thank you,