Micro-Moments, and What I Learned from Google

This week it's all about the moment.

It's about the moments -- what marketers call the "decision tree" -- when consumers choose their wines. Our sense at Enolytics is that it's less about which wine we choose, and more about why we're drinking it.

Why we drink wine is about the moment, and that's where we're diving deep.

Here's what I learned this week from Google's Seema Vashi (Brand Activation specialist) and Justin Mann (Brand Team member) on why the moments matter:

  • Browsers have sessions. People have moments.
  • "Micro-moments" are intent-rich, when decisions are being made and preferences are being shaped. A moment is, "We're having dinner at 6 pm." An intent-rich micro-moment is, "We're having dinner at 6 pm and I need to find take-out menus of restaurants nearby."
  • Micro-moments are at the sweet spot where intent, context, and immediacy intersect.
  • Customers today are, for the most part, not brand loyal. Unscripted decisions happen in the micro-moments.

Those micro-moments are what's recorded in the data, and that's our focus at Enolytics.

(This week was also about lightbulb moments -- and there were many -- that went off during the MobileX Festival in Atlanta, where I listened and learned from Vashi, Mann and a stellar lineup of other speakers. I was lucky to go. Even though it wasn't about wine and it wasn't about data per se, the content helped me to see both of those things with fresh eyes. Please read more about the MobileX Festival here.)