"Stories are data with a soul." - Brené Brown

No one loves a wine story more than me.

Writing the stories of wine has been the work of my life for several years now (Hungry for Wine, my first book, captured several of them) and here's what I've seen: stories resonate, surely. They make an impact. We need stories. Wineries need to have stories ready for the precious moments when they have our attention.

Those precious moments of full attention, however, are lessening. The reach of stories doesn't always go as far as the winemakers (not to mention us writers) would like to think it does.

So I started asking, What moves boxes, really? What moves and sells boxes of wine?

The first thing I learned is that what moves boxes is often some combination of three factors: price, familiarity, and guidance when we want it.

The second thing I learned is that wine has yet to harness the real power of data science -- one of our world's most exciting and sophisticated technological tools that many other industries, from healthcare to entertainment to finance to manufacturing, have embraced. They have reaped its benefits as a result. Wine, unfortunately, is behind this curve but I was determined to do something about it.

How could I take my love of the stories of wine, embed it with the smartest technology, and make it more widely available to wine businesses that can be empowered by its capabilities?

Enolytics is how we're doing that.

To borrow a phrase from social scientist Brené Brown, stories are data with a soul.

Enolytics brings the tools of big data to the wine industry.

It's about knowledge management, so that wineries can make smarter, better-informed decisions. It's about the insights we learn from actual consumer behavior, from keystrokes to cohorts to purchasing decisions. It's objective, and that's the science. Its interpretation, and the application of it, is the art.

Our tools help to specify the who, what, where, and when of wine business. That helps wine businesses deliver on their Why. The Why is the story. It's Enolytics' goal to help deliver that story more effectively.

Our inaugural report, on the topic of Wine O'Clock, demonstrates the possibilities of big data for the wine industry. It also fires our imaginations (and our instincts) for what else is possible, particularly as we accumulate multiple data sources. With this amount and diversity of data, our reports and dashboards can be immediately responsive and very precisely predictive.

All of which leads back to the stories that wine businesses can tell, to an audience that's ready to hear them.

Thank you, sincerely, for your interest in Enolytics. Our hope is that you'll find our research useful.

-- Cathy Huyghe, Co-Founder