If Billy Beane leaves the A’s to buy a Napa winery, he’ll be hiring Cathy Huyghe. This is the Moneyball of wine.
— Joe Janish, SweetSpot Blogger (ESPN) and Director of Public Relations, Banfi Vineyards

We associate wine with pleasure and cultural experience, something difficult to quantify, but Enolytics demonstrates that big data on our aggregated preferences for enjoying wine can result in clear patterns and tendencies. Big data should make life easier for producers to position the wines that the consumers request, while not taking an iota of our enjoyment!
— Pedro Ballesteros MW

It’s an important milestone [that] points the way to the future of wine marketing. The emergences of big wine data promises to revolutionise the way wine is promoted and sold, from offering the ability to spot micro-trends with the potential to evolve into megatrends, to pinpointing exactly the right time to advertise a wine to a consumer, to helping sommeliers predict the perfect food and wine match for specific customers.
— Felicity Carter, Editor in Chief, Meininger's Wine Business International

Enolytics built an interactive dashboard using [Dry Creek Vineyard’s] existing, anonymized data, and determined that the winery was missing a wine at a certain price point. That data could be used in conjunction with other factors like wine quality, terroir, etc. when deciding on new wines. Longerbeam’s observation is that “Enolytics is visually driven, making it much easier to find the data you seek.”
— Andy Starr, "How Wineries Take Advantage of Big Data (or Any Data)," Wines & Vines

Here is the difference between sharing and selling. Sellers offer something in exchange for a reward whereas those who share offer something of value in exchange for something of value. As an entrepreneur, Cathy’s breakthrough in [Enolytics] came when she realised that what she was creating with Enolytics was genuinely helping others.
— Kale Panoho, "Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of a Wine Glass," on Bossbabe.com

Any journalist worth their salt needs to be highly inquisitive, and good at reading between the lines to see the truth. US wine writer and commentator, Cathy Huyghe, has taken that to the ultimate level by setting up her own wine data analytics business, Enolytics, that hopes to help companies use, visualise and act on the Big Data they have in their business to make better decisions about the kinds of wines their customers and consumers are buying and want to buy.
— Richard Siddle, Editor in Chief, The Buyer