What We Do

Enolytics is committed to bringing the power of big data to the wine industry.

We help companies visualize their own data, and we also aggregate multiple sources of data on wine consumers.

Never before has such vast amounts of data been available.

And never before has it been pulled together, across multiple platforms, in order to build a more unique, powerful, and complete view of wine consumer sentiment and behavior.

The data is empirical evidence of wine consumer interest in everything from wine styles to how they want to communicate.

Enolytics is the conduit of that data, and the bridge between it and the most pressing questions of wine companies around the world.

Welcome to Enolytics.


What We Do: A Little More Detail

ONE -- We work with the data that a wine business already has. We package and visualize that data so that the intelligence it holds is more easily accessed, and provides insights for strategic and operational opportunities. The business itself determines which data they deliver to us, and in which format..

TWO -- We work with third party sources, our big data partners, in order to mine wine consumer data records for insights into a particular brand or question. We tap into different partners, depending on which are best positioned to deliver the most direct and relevant responses to the client’s needs.

For weekly snapshots of our current projects, please have a look at Enolytics 101.