February 9, 2018

Enolytics LLC is pleased to announce the company’s first overseas partnership, Enolytics Spain.

“We are impressed by the initiative and ideation shown by Andrés Bonet-Merten and his colleagues, Gregorio Bustos Serrano and Scott Hingley,” said Cathy Huyghe, co-founder and CEO of Enolytics. “They share our belief in the power of data to deliver insights and intelligence that ultimately benefit wine consumers around the world. We’re looking forward very much to expanding and localizing that mission through Enolytics Spain.”

Founded in 2016, Enolytics has innovated market research for the wine industry by building a network of data partners whose platforms record consumer interactions and behavior around wine. Enolytics’ team of data scientists aggregates raw data from a mix of those partners, each of whom is chosen for their unique value in addressing the clients’ challenges.

Bonet-Merten feels that “using advanced data analytics to look at wine consumers is a great way to introduce technology into the traditional world of wine marketing. We are excited to use Enolytics services to help our customers in Spain find new ways to sell wine around the world."

The intention of Enolytics Spain is to “translate” the Enolytics model for the Spanish market, so that it is responsive to the needs of wineries and organizations in Spain. Though the ultimate mission of serving wine consumers is the same in every country, Enolytics Spain localizes the process to the specific nuances of the wine culture in that region.

“Enolytics’ unique way of looking at markets based on data analytics is valuable to winemakers and sellers anywhere in the world,” said Gregorio Bustos. “We are certain that producers in Spain, the third most important wine exporter in the world, will benefit from Enolytics’ services in order to get a better return on their marketing investment."

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