Three Hairy Questions (that Also Light a Fire)

Here are the two most common questions Enolytics hears:

How do I find new customers?

And, should I raise the prices of my wines?

Fair enough. They’re real and of patent concern. Plus they keep wine company leaders awake at night.

This week, as I’ve been traveling for presentations and in-person meetings, I’ve heard some new questions – about the impact of labels on purchasing decisions, about whether consumers notice AVA designations, and about the marketability of a new wine cocktail product.

Internally, my kneejerk response was to the questions was, “Well that’s a hairy one.”

My second response shortly afterwards was, “That one’s lit a fire.”

The questions aren’t new in the sense that they’ve never been heard before. They have, certainly.

They’re new in the sense that we’re newly thinking of how we can use data to reliably and quantifiably answer them.

That’s what strikes the match.

We’re confident in clean data and in our team’s ability to access the intelligence it holds. But the truth is that we don’t know yet how far we can go with it, what the upper boundaries are, or the outline of the outer limits. The exciting thing is that we don't seem to have found them yet.

We’re eager for challenges. And for your questions, because they help us figure it out.

What questions do you have? We’re listening.

And thank you, as always, for reading --

PS I’m looking forward very much to speaking about Enolytics – and listening to all questions – at the first ever HarvestSummit today, near Healdsburg. Please ping me if you’ll be there!