Top Ten Big Data Tips for December

How are you using big data during the biggest sales quarter of the year?

And how will you use it in 2017?

These are the questions I've been asking colleagues the past few weeks, as we all look to close out the year on a high note and carry that momentum into next year as well.

I've also been taking a hard look at our own upcoming projects, and how we'll be utilizing resources in the New Year to deliver insights to clients' questions.

Our Top Ten list has the answers.

This week we'll look at the first five, and next week the remaining five.

PS The list also functions as a "What's Coming Down the Pipe," for anyone who's looking to get out in front of industry trends and hot topics for 2017.

Here goes.


10. Packaging. That is, Canned Wine. What can big data tell us about consumer interest in canned wine, and how much they're willing to pay for it?

9. "Other Than Standard," or OTS. What are consumers already saying about wines in this category, and what does it mean for my brand?

8. Past and Future. How can we move from reacting to industry data that's already happened, to using consumer data to steer what will happen?

7. DTC / Customer Types. How can I mine my house file data to create or revisit customer types? Do they make sense given the yearly revenue and profile of each customer type?

6. Wine Cocktails. What is consumer interest and behavior around wine cocktail products that are already on the market? And how do flavor profiles match up with my own new product?


How do these sound to you? Do they resonate? Which topics would you add?

I'd be very curious to hear.

Thank you, as always, for reading --