Top Ten Enolytics Projects So Far

Let's get practical for a minute here.

And by practical, I mean this: concrete examples of how wine companies actually use Enolytics as their big data partner.

Each week I write about topics that have come up, but what questions are we actually being asked to solve?

I've put together a list of ten of them.

Here are the first five, in true countdown fashion. More to come next week.

10. Optimization of restaurant wine lists based on local consumer behavior.

9. Most popular foods paired with wines for Millennials in the northeastern U.S.

8. Consumer interest in French wines in the Chinese market.

7. Demographic comparison, between consumers in two European countries, of online wine buyers in the luxury category.

6. Identify a producer's lagging markets compared to national benchmarks in particular categories.

(And a sneak preview of the rest of the list: price elasticity and ideal taste profiles. Please tune in next week too.)

Hopefully that gives you a sense of how big data can affect sales and operational strategies. Hopefully, too, it provokes questions of your own. I'd love to hear them.

Thank you, as always, for reading --