"Pain Point" Survey Results are IN. Here's What Hurts.

Results are in!  

Last week we invited you to take a “pain points” survey. We’re thrilled with the robust results, regarding both the multiple-choice questions and the write-in questions.  

You have a lot to say, and we’re very glad to hear all of it.  


In the coming weeks I’ll share details about the pain points that came out at the top of the list. This week, we’re starting with a biggie:  

Understanding how consumers see my brand

in relation to the competition.  

Sure, as a brand you have an idea of who your “frame of reference” wines are. But do you know what those reference wines are in the eyes of consumers?  

What are the wines that, to a consumer, offer a similar value proposition to yours? What are the wines that trigger similar responses for a consumer that yours does? Which wines do consumers consider to be the up-and-coming competitors to yours, and which are fading over time?  

It’s ultra valuable information, and you need to tap into consumer data sources to get it.  

That’s our mission at Enolytics. Mining the data for insights – about your wines in relation to the competition, for example – is a core capability of our team.  

Can your brand (and your sales and marketing team) benefit from that service?  

If the results of our pain points survey are any indication, the answer is Yes.  

We’re ready when you are. Please be in touch by phone (+1.702.528.3717) or email (cathy@enolytics.com) or whatever works.   

PS This week we were honored with the 2017 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year award. It was one of Those Moments for a new business that truly motivate us to stay the course. We are grateful.

Thank you for reading.