Direct To Consumer Dashboard Drivethrough, Part Two: SKUs


Last week we took a first look at an interactive dashboard for the big data that a wine business already has, specifically from its Direct To Consumer (DTC) program.

The DTC program is top-of-mind for just about every winery I know. We wanted to demonstrate how interactive dashboards can help to identify problem areas and work toward optimizing DTC's profitability.

We looked at the value that is released when data is visualized, accessed, and "sliced and diced" in real time. We started with KPIs -- things like cases sold and month-to-date and year-to-date comparisons -- and how clicking on any one of the KPIs presents a fresh, detailed visualization of variables that matter most to the winery.

This week we're turning to a different set of visualizations, namely underperforming SKUs based on low margins and/or low sales. When you have hundreds of SKUs, how do you compare their performance relative to each other and in an absolute way, while also still allowing to slice and dice by channel, wine type, etc.?

One visualization option is to use a scatter plot (above). It displays all the SKUs, using your selected filters, on a chart by margin and by revenue. This makes it easy to identify your top performers -- those with high margins and high revenue -- and the bottom performers, with low margins and low revenue. Those are the SKUs that need attention and, possibly, a plan of action. With Enolytics' interactive dashboard, it is simple to filter out the bottom performers that are not meeting your revenue and/or margin targets by using a simple lasso tool.

The lasso zooms in on a target area, which results in a focused data set that is useful to further analyze. The list of bottom performers is also displayed in table form for easy understanding and selection.

Enolytics' dashboard enables you to immediately investigate, based on objective insights, in order to facilitate business decisions to correct performance.

Bottom line: improving your understanding multi-fold, particularly of your biggest challenges, weaknesses, and opportunities. 

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