SevenFifty Technology + Wine Spectator Scores

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A few weeks ago I was psyched to write about two developments in the world of wine and data – new initiatives launched by one of the most established companies in the space (, and another by one of the more recent (Drizly).

This week, with a new announcement, I’m experiencing a bit of déjà vu.

On Wednesday this week SevenFifty announced their partnership with Wine Spectator, to be followed in short order by Wine Enthusiast, to include wine scores and reviews for the products listed on SevenFifty. (SevenFifty, in case you don’t know them, enables buyers from restaurants, bars and retailers to search for products and wholesale pricing across all distributor profiles in their local markets.)

Here’s a big reason why this week’s announcement is cool IMO: SevenFifty has managed to innovate a very old school way of doing something (digitizing distributor portfolios, that is) and now they are building a bridge to another long-standing – and indisputable – market influencer of the wine industry.

What sort of impact will this have?

We’ll see.

And right there is the thing: we will see, because it’s happening. What’s happening is that wine companies, both established and new, are stepping into the data space and making waves that are more significant than just dipping in their toe. Data offers insights, yes, and in our opinion it also offers a view of the consumer and the trade that just has not been available to the industry in the past.

It also, by the way, offers companies a way to monetize their data that they maybe did not initially envision.

Who wants in on something like that?

The question is starting to be, who doesn’t?

Even if you don’t yet know exactly what data means for you, or how to use it or how to access it, you’ve got to know that there’s something here.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

We can help you figure it out. For the record, conversations that start with, “I’m not sure what this means for us but…” are some of my absolute favorites to have.

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Let’s talk about it.

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