Best Time of Year for Chardonnay? You'd Be Surprised.


I love when things like this happen.

When we're working on a project and an insight surfaces that's of interest, not only to our client but to wine businesses in general.

In this case, it's about consumer interest in chardonnay, and specifically the time of year when that interest is at its peak.

Have a look at the graphic, above. We can't give away all the specifics, of course, but here's what matters from our historical analysis of chardonnay interest over time:

We are, right now, in the thick of the three-month period during the whole year when consumer interest in chardonnay is at its high point.

December, unsurprisingly, is the month of the year when interest exceeds any other.

But March-April-May?

Would you have expected that?

More importantly, perhaps, does your sales history reflect that interest?

And then there are the application questions, such as:

What's your plan for matching heights of consumer interest with your own outreach that meets that interest?

What's your plan if you don't sell chardonnay, but you do sell something that also appeals to chardonnay purchasing consumers?

Think about it. What other information do you need to refine your sales and marketing? How can we help you maximize the information you already have? And, better still, what are the possibilities for triangulating it with interest we can pull from our data partners?

Please let us know. We're here to help.

Thank you, as always, for reading --