8 Ways We Can Use Data to Improve Wine Business


Some of these are already being done, while others are still a little further down the road.

Some of these are better suited to small wineries, while others require more bandwidth and resources.

But all of them are within the realm of what’s possible, when we apply data analysis to the purpose of improving wine business.

  1. Analyze consumer purchasing behavior via DTC, in order to customize future offerings according to their preferences and likelihood of purchase.

  2. Build “finder windows” for standard industry reports that many wine businesses already receive, in order to dynamically engage with the information that matters to your business individually.

  3. Combine soil measurements with weather and vigor data over time, to develop a picture of the evolving climate of a vineyard.

  4. Parse out the language of new communities of consumers, especially along trend lines that are only now emerging.

  5. Apply machine learning tools to measure the lift of online ad campaigns in a more robust and granular fashion.

  6. Combine (4) and (5).

  7. Aggregate independent retailer information, to complement chain store reports, so that we have a more comprehensive picture of sales across the board.

  8. Segment that information according to variables that matter to you personally, such as target markets, varietal popularity, or place of origin of the wines.

Which of these possibilities speaks to you? Which others, maybe that aren’t even listed here, would you like to explore?

Drop a line and let me know. I’d love to hear.

Thank you, as always, for reading –