What Does Data Mean to ME?

When we launched Enolytics a few weeks ago, we asked prospective partners and clients what interests them most when it comes to big data and wine.

Here was the most common answer (by far): the interactive dashboards.

Which we totally get. The data that’s already loaded into the dashboards makes them dynamic and engaging, and you can derive answers “live” to questions that concern your business now.

As we’ve demonstrated the dashboards to more and more wine businesses who see the powerful potential of the model, one question has surfaced again and again:

"How does MY data relate?" 

And, “What happens if we integrate my own company’s data into this model?”

And, “What can I learn from seeing my data overlaid with third party data sources, especially when those sources are relevant to the goals that I’m trying to accomplish?”

And, “Is it even possible to overlay my data, even though it only exists right now as spreadsheets?”

The answer is Yes. It’s possible. In fact, it’s a fantastic idea and it’s an even better USE of the model and its capabilities.

So here’s the plan.

We’ll continue to add third party data sources. We’ll continue to listen to how we can best service your needs, and identify data sources accordingly. Now, we also invite you to consider your own data — in whatever format it currently exists — as a source to be visualized, packaged, and MINED, particularly within the context of other sources that are directly relevant to your goals.

Not everyone geeks out about data overall. But everyone does geek out about getting their own job done better, faster, and more effectively.

That’s the lesson for this week’s Enolytics 101: what data means for YOU.

Thank you for being interested and please, reach out with any questions or suggestions or to set up a live demo (cathy@enolytics.com). I’d love to hear what you have to say.