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Spoiler Alert: The Best Part Comes First in the Freixenet USA Case Study

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Spoiler alert: I’m going to tell you the last part (the best part) first.

This week I wrote up a case study for The Buyer of one of Enolytics’ earliest supporters and clients, Freixenet USA. You can read the full article here. Or we can cut to the chase and I’ll tell you what (if I know this audience) you most likely want to know.

What was in it for them.

What, in other words, were the key takeaways for the brand? How does our research help Freixenet sell more wine, and improve their positioning in the market?

Here is what Freixenet identified as four key insights from our work with them.

  1. A better understanding of the consumer demographic where Freixenet brands over index, within a 10-year age bracket and $10k income bracket. This was broken down by Freixenet labels, i.e., Gloria Ferrer vs Segura Viudas vs Freixenet.
  2. The specific markets where Freixenet brands own greater and lesser shares of consumer interest. That is, where those brands are doing well and where there’s room for improvement, relative to consumer behaviour and interest. Also the geographical biases toward one category of sparkling wine over another.
  3. The key words that consumers consistently use to describe each brand, which also leads to insights about the occasions when the brands are “in use” by consumers, such as special occasions and weekend brunch.
  4. Gauging the potential of whether or not to raise the prices of their wines, particularly in relation to other Spanish Cava wines.

The full article explains in detail the opportunity, methodology, conclusions, and a little about what we at Enolytics have been learning since we launched 18 months ago. I hope you’ll click over and have a look.

In the meantime, please let me know if any of these takeaways ring a bell for you. Do you have your mind or your team focused on something similar? An extension of what we’ve been doing? Or something entirely different?

I’d love to hear about it.

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I appreciate your taking the time to read these posts.

-- Cathy Huyghe, Co-founder of Enolytics

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