wine lists

Wines that Consumers Want, versus Wines that Restaurants List

This week I'd like to bring your attention to a surprising pattern.

We noticed it as we've been working to integrate fresh big data sources about wine consumers in the on-premise and mobile environments.

It's more than a pattern, actually. It's a discrepancy and a significant one, between these two things:

What consumers want, compared to what restaurants are offering.

There's a significantly bigger gap than what we expected to see, whether we're talking about specific varietals or particular styles.

We have access to tremendous amounts of data on wine consumer behaviors, yet insights from analysis of that data aren't being "translated" onto wine lists to nearly the extent possible.

Why is that?

A number of possibilities come to mind, but I'll never know for sure which one is accurate.

Here's what we do know: the discrepancy between what consumers want and what restaurants are offering is risky business.

Unnecessarily so, given the depth of sources and the breadth of insights available.

The intelligence is out there. It's a question of accessing it.

We can help.

What discrepancies or questions do you need to check, and address?

I'd be glad to hear about it. 

PS This past week I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Lee Schneider of Red Cup Agency, on a podcast about Enolytics for their fantastic cult tech podcast series. Producing a high-quality podcast is a lot tougher than it sounds, and I'm grateful to Lee for the chance to talk about our work. I hope you'll take a few minutes to tune in.

Thank you for reading, and for listening --