What Consumers Are Saying About Your Wine

So yeah.

You know that consumers are out there drinking your wine.

You also know that they're talking about it -- in their social media circles and on platforms dedicated to wine communities -- and hopefully that's where you're meeting them and interacting with them.


How do you measure what they're saying about your brand?

How do you measure, in a quantified way, brand sentiment across multiple platforms?

How do you take an accurate, quantified pulse of how your brand is perceived in the marketplace? How do you know what consumers are thinking about your wines?

We've got some ideas on that, and we think it'll help.

Here are seven ways that big data can measure when it comes to sentiment about your brand.

  1. Consumer descriptions of a specific brand. That is, the actual words that consumers use to talk about your wines. In this country, and abroad if you like. In particular markets. In pretty much any language you choose.
  2. Consumer descriptions of wines from your region or AVA, so that you have an idea about context and how you're doing compared to close competitors.
  3. Market by market comparison of those descriptions. Boston versus Houston, say. Or New York versus Los Angeles. Or or or.
  4. Consumer ratings of your brand's wines compared to similar wines.
  5. Market by market comparison of the consumer ratings.
  6. Consumer interest tracked by geography. We'd show you this in heatmaps, as localized as you like, so that you can overlay consumer interest with brand data on market placements.
  7. Consumer sentiment tracked over time (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily) in order to gauge changes in sentiment.

We'd love to tap into the data sources that can pull back the curtain on each of these factors for your wines.

The information is there. It's just waiting for you to say Go.