3 New Directions for Wine Consumer Data


Maybe it's because we're now in Q4, and people are looking ahead to the New Year.

Maybe -- I hope -- it's because we're establishing enough of a foundation of work that businesses are confident about building on top of these examples and naturally extending the concept to newly-defined areas of interest.

Whatever the reason, we've seen an uptick lately in data queries headed in new directions.

Here are three that we're looking forward to digging into, the rest of this year and beyond.

  1. Outside the US. Most of our work to date has been focused on consumers within the US market. Since several of our data partners have a global footprint, however, we can just as well run queries for markets in Europe, say, as we do in America.
  2. Individual Varietals. Drilling down into categories of wine has been routine so far. High-priced red wines, for example, or else sparkling wine or target markets. Lately though we're hearing more interest in queries according to specific varietals, both red and white, with an eye toward gauging consumer sentiment and identifying hotspots of interest according to style and price point.
  3. Packaging. How have consumers been behaving around less traditional packaging, like boxes and cans? Is the data on this topic statistically significant? Would we base any decisions on it ourselves? If so, what can we learn?

Anything here ring a bell for you? Please let me know if it does, or if you've got an idea we haven't mentioned yet. I'm always curious, and happily surprised by new possibilities.

As always, thank you for reading.