6 Real World Applications for Big Data in Wine

Back in December I wrote in this series about the kinds of questions we hear at Enolytics – the themes, the hot-button topics, and the patterns of inquiries that show up again and again.

It was things like packaging, wine cocktails, and seasonal variation of consumer interest and demand.

Today, six months later, I’d like to refresh that post about trends and patterns with real, hands-on applications of projects underway.

Here are six projects that currently have our attention.

  1. For regional organizations, we establish foundational benchmarks of their category from the consumers’ point of view.
  2. For specific brands, we deliver comparative pricing analysis of underperforming labels.
  3. For individual wineries, we package and visualize their internal data – about the DTC program, for example – in order to better assess performance and needs.
  4. We generate heatmaps of consumer interest over time, in the U.S. and worldwide, in specific varietals or brands. These regularly mismatch with a company’s sales data.
  5. We establish a wine’s competitive set in the eyes of consumers. Again, that list of wines regularly mismatches with a company’s sales data.
  6. We build custom interactive dashboards tailored to a company’s own labels and needs, that are able to be updated with periodic or on-demand frequency.

It keeps us busy.

Is there anything here that rings a bell for you? Each project is unique, but the more we do, the better-established the framework and structure is.

Please let me know if we can help.

In the meantime, thank you very much for your responses last week to the Growing Pains post. No, big data isn’t easy and yes, we hear and see your pain. But as I said, the more we do, the better the framework becomes. Which means better business for all of us.

Thank you as well, and as always, for reading –