Wine Data, Interrupted. And a Secret.


These past few weeks we’ve been focusing on case studies and how to visualize wine data. I sincerely appreciate your positive feedback to those, and I’m looking forward to sharing more in the weeks to come.

Today, let’s take a short breather and zoom out for a moment to the big picture of data.

It also involves telling you a bit of a secret.

The ace up Enolytics’ sleeve is, undoubtedly, our team of data scientists and analysts. My mind is blown by their skills, creativity and careful treatment of the data that we work with.

Here’s the secret: They are not wine people.

Their 50+ years of combined experience have been mainly in the healthcare space, and the work they do with wine data is integrally informed by their work in healthcare.

In other words, their skills transfer. They quickly learned the logic and flows of the industry, so they could easily frame the data in the right context.

If these skills are useful for healthcare and for wine, what else can they be used for?

That’s the question for today, and here’s part of the answer: Shortly after we launched Enolytics, with our focus on the wine industry, I was asked whether we plan to also work with data from the spirits category.

Our CTO’s response?

“Of course. Data is data.”

I was asked a similar question recently, this time on whether we planned to also work with data from the cannabis industry.


Extending our work to also include spirits is something we could have anticipated. But cannabis?


“It sounds like Enolytics is doing similar things for the wine industry that my firm is doing for cannabis,” I read in a LinkedIn message, which also noted the growing connection between the alcohol industry and cannabis.

It’s a good point, and one worth exploring.

Data is data, and it’s informing the direction of businesses in many categories.

Like wine.

How can we put our skills to use for you? We're open to ideas, especially those that make us go, Hmm.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks.