The Intimacy of the Human Voice: Enolytics and the New “Hit the Bottle” Podcast


Imagine sitting around, shooting the breeze with a whole group of people who care about what you care about.

That’s how the best podcasts have always seemed to me. It’s about the intimacy of the human voice, as I’ve written here before. In our case, it’s also about humanizing wine + data.

Here’s the thing now, though. Mike Wangbickler has gone and upped the ante, along with his team at Balzac Communications in Napa. Unlike any other podcast series I know, Hit the Bottle is dedicated specifically to marketing professionals who are working with wine, beer and spirits.

“Finally,” I can hear some of you saying. “Something for US.”

Yep. That’s the idea.

Hit the Bottle isn’t for consumers. It isn’t for the trade. It’s for people who care about marketing the way that you care about marketing. Check them out on the Episodes page!

Hit the Bottle is about strategy and leadership, and it’s about technology. That’s where Enolytics comes in, on this week’s “Data Redux” episode.

At first you may not think about “data” in the same context as you think about “the intimacy of the human voice.” But I hope that’s what you get out of this episode.

The end goal, after all, is to use data to humanize wine, to personalize it by making it more granular. Data also helps marketing professionals to do their jobs better and more strategically.

I think that was Enolytics’ price of admission to the Hit the Bottle podcast, and I’m all good with that.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, and that it will answer a few questions you may, yourself, have been meaning to ask.

Thank you, as always, for reading and for listening too –