Revisiting Our Very First Client (in New Orleans!), and a Father's Day Hat Tip to Dads in Data


This time last week, in New Orleans, I was very happy to participate in the Chile Uncorked event, hosted by Wines of Chile. When Full Circle Solutions (Evan Goldstein MS, Limeng Stroh and Andrea Dlugos) asked me to speak about Enolytics, my answer was an unequivocal Yes.

Wines of Chile, under previous Executive Director Marybeth Bentwood’s leadership, was our very first client, three years ago. For a new company like ours, your first client (and your first vote of confidence) is a very big deal.

Quite a lot has changed since then. Working with Wines of Chile now would take a very different shape than it did then. There are different partners, different relationships and a different ecosystem of data in wine than what was available and engaged three years ago.

There are more pieces of the puzzle on the table now. Trade. Consumer. Viticultural. Sales. Sentiment. Quantitative. Qualitative. The more pieces of the puzzle we can put together, the clearer the picture (for Chile and others) becomes.

That’s all for the better, IMO.

The theme of the session I co-presented with Madeline Puckette of Folly Enterprises was “the ultimate Chilean wine consumer.” Here’s the takeaway: we don’t know who that is yet, or what they look like, or how they behave.

But we can know.

That’s the point, for Chile and others. The information to answer their questions already exists. We just have to go and get it.

It’s what we’re geared up to discover.

Also! It’s Father’s Day this weekend and boy, Enolytics would be nowhere without the fathers on our team. My gratitude goes out to them. I wrote about this, and the impact the dads of Enolytics have had on our business, in my column over on this week. You’re welcome of course to have a look.

Thank you, as always, for your interest and for reading these weekly posts.

PS Thank you, also, for your positive response to our DTC case study about Medlock Ames these past few weeks. (Here’s Part One, and Part Two.) We’d like to do more of that, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.