The Six Best Questions We've Heard So Far

A new initiative like Enolytics, that aims to integrate wine consumer data sources that have never been integrated before, tends to attract a lot of questions, from wine businesses and the media alike.

These questions, of course, tell us a lot about the information that wine businesses are looking for. Which sets us to thinking creatively about fresh data sources and the best way to utilize them, in order to provide the most useful, actionable insights to our clients.

Here are six of our favorite questions so far:

  1. It’s been said that winemakers are part farmer, part scientist, and part artist. Do they “get” data? 
  2. Where have you found the most acceptance of a data-driven approach to marketing wine? Where has there been resistance?
  3. How will you secure the privacy of my data?
  4. I know the profile of consumers in my best-performing DTC market. Where else can I find that profile, and that level of interest?
  5. Let’s look at the path to purchase. What wines do consumers choose instead of mine?
  6. What's the consumer sentiment about a particular variety, in a particular market, at a particular time of the year?

What are your questions? I'd love to hear them, and learn more about the information you need. Drop me a line anytime. Cathy at Enolytics dot com.

Thank you for reading.